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Pair of Nines

Pair of Nines Publishing offers editing services at competitive rates for quick turn-around.

Our clients include New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestselling authors. Your privacy is paramount — we keep pen names and titles private.

We will work with almost all fiction genres — no horror, please. Our speciality is romance/erotica.

We will happily give a 1k free sample edit to ensure that we will be a good fit. — we'd be happy to work with you!

Interested in contacting Pair of Nines for your free 1k word sample proofread or edit?
Email us at


Proofreading is $0.005 a word with a five day turn-around for manuscripts under 50k (extra day for every additional 25k). For proofreading, we check for:

• spelling
• punctuation (missing quotes, missing periods, dashes instead of em-dashes, commas instead of semi-colons, inappropriate apostrophes, etc)
• grammar
• incorrect words (passed/past, etc)
• homophones (you're/your, there/their/they're, etc)
• product/company references for spelling/capitalization (Walmart is correct, not WalMart, Wal-mart, Wal-Mart, etc)

We do one complete pass of the manuscript, with most pages being read 2-3 times.


Line Editing is $0.01 a word with a one week turn-around for manuscripts under 50k (extra day for every additional 25k), and includes proofreading as well as edits. In addition to all the items on the Proofreading section, we'll check for:
• grammar and sentence structure
• word choice ("I don't think that word means what you think it means”)
• word repetition
• sentence/paragraph flow
• consistent character traits (eye color doesn’t change, etc)
• timeline issues

We will also give general comments on the overall plot/characters/chapter flow.

If desired, we can do Americanization as well, changing spelling differences (realize/realise), food references (British Smarties are America’s M&M’s), and slang to an appropriate counterpart.

We do two complete passes of the manuscript, with most pages being read 4 times.

Cover Design

The below Premade Covers are available for purchase. Author, title, and series name customizable. $50 per cover, discounts available for multiple covers.

Website Design

Premade websites would be updated with your pen name, book information/links, and other text elements as needed.  Colors and fonts can be changed so that they match your branding, as well as changing any background image to match your genre.
Author Landing Page ($250):
Single book Landing Page ($250):
Microsite, supports single or multiple books ($500):
Author microsite with two books ($500):
Author microsite with multiple books ($750):